01 Course Pre-requisites

You must have at least 17 ITIL credits.

The course is intended for anybody who wishes to work in a service management role and who have achieved at least 17 credits in the ITIL scheme. This includes but is not limited to CIOs, IT managers, supervisors and IT operations or development practitioners.

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02 Course Overview

In this course, delegates will understand the interactions as well as interfaces between various operations and processes in service lifecycle. With the help of this course, merge the knowledge about different areas of ITIL® in Service Lifecycle into one service management strategy. The ITIL® MALC exam certifies the candidates have the skills to support service delivery by bridging the lifecycle stages. It is multiple choice and consists of 10 questions which are based on a case study. The duration is 120 minutes, and the pass mark is 35/50 or 70%. It is closed book. After passing the exam you will receive the ITIL® Expert qualification.


This examination will be conducted at the end of the training to measure the knowledge attained by the delegate. The performance of the candidate will be measured by the marks attained.

  • It is a multiple choice question exam
  • Number of questions is 10
  • For clearing this exam passing percentage is 70% or 35/50 marks
  • Duration of the exam is 120 minutes and all questions must be attempted within this time.
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03 What will the delegates learn ?

  • Understand how the life cycle stages can be integrated across the service lifecycle.
  • Effectively manage services across the service lifecycle.
  • Understand core principles which are used in ITIL® service lifecycle.
  • Prepare for the ITIL® MALC exam.
  • Understand how to handle all phases of ITIL® Service Lifecycle instead of every single phase.
  • Understand the importance of implementing ITIL® Service Lifecycle concepts.
  • Learn to deliver effective services.
  • For organising transitioning services, discover various ways.
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04 Course Content

Overview of Managing Across the Lifecycle

  • Define Managing Across Lifecycle
  • Key Concepts of the Service Lifecycle
  • Basic terminologies
  • Prerequisites of this course exam
  • Structure of the exam
  • Case study

Major concepts of Service Lifecycle

  • Define services
  • Understand service management
  • IT service management role in an organisation
  • Element of assessment
  • Styles of risk management
  • Importance of knowledge management
  • SKMS
  • Various ITIL® Lifecycle stages business value
  • Organising operations for service management
  • Organising functions for service management
  • Effect of clearing roles and responsibilities
  • Use of RACI

Integrating Service Management Processes across the Lifecycle

  • Ways to integrate procedures of service management across the ITIL® lifecycle
  • Input and output of different Lifecycle stages
  • Link between various stages of ITIL® Service Lifecycle
  • Value and interfaces of various processes in service management

Stakeholder and communication management

  • Business relationship management across the lifecycle
  • Plan of action coordination
  • Communications and commitment in ITIL® lifecycle
  • Stakeholder management and communication
  • Service models use
  • Planning Communication
  • Business relationship management in the communication activities

Manage various services

  • Define services across the service lifecycle
  • Operations staff in another stage of service lifecycle
  • An approach to balanced design and its importance
  • Information sources helpful in the service implementation and improvement
  • Factors relevant to strategic assessments
  • Service transition lifecycle stages
  • Handling services across the lifecycle
  • Efficient and effective service management with design coordination and move strategy and support
  • Challenges, risks, and critical success issues

Governance, Roles, People, Competence, and the Organization

  • Management, activities, framework, and governance bodies
  • Relating strategy to governance
  • Service providers set direction
  • Policy and strategy
  • Change management
  • Management systems
  • Establish and maintain a service management system
  • Organisation development and departmentalization
  • Logical structure for a service provider
  • Functions and the types of services providers
  • Implementing and sourcing strategies

 Introduction to Measurement

  • Measure and demonstrate value
  • Determine and use metrics
  • Approaches to effective control and monitoring
  • Use of event management tools

 Implement and Improve capabilities of Service Management

  • Implement service management
  • Processes of Service management
  • Types of assessments and conducting assessments
  • Techniques to improve service management
  • Methods for implementing service management
  • Business value of service portfolio management
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